All My Friends Are Crutches, Because God Knows My Legs Are Broken

by Co-Pilots

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We recorded this in 100 degree weather at our friend's house. We're just as surprised as our friends are that we actually ended up making this. Enjoy!

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released July 26, 2011

Andy Jones - Guitar/ Vocals
Robert Mathis - Guitar/ Bass
Zac Coe- Drums

Gang Vocals--Willsbury Bechtel, Zac Coe, Omeed Goodarzi, Andy Jones, Tim Jones, Robert Mathis, Will Rutledge, Jesse Stein, and Tom Wolff

Songs Written by Andy Jones
Arranged by Andy Jones & Robert Mathis
Engineered by Zac Coe & Andy Jones
Mixed/Mastered by Andy Jones & Robert Mathis



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Co-Pilots Connecticut

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Track Name: Rooms Are Empty Things (Revisited)
Our only source of comfort is the radio waves, but we long for the sunlight in our hollow caves, and I long for something in this empty room. The sky is just a ceiling that covers the stars. There is no open window to show us the scars. Your eyes are fixed on cosmos, but they are not alone. Your shoulders shake and shiver from the halogen curse. A stillness fills this subway car as the longing grows worse, where voices have no substance and words are empty sound. Rooms are empty. Rooms are empty. Rooms are empty. Rooms are empty things. Empty things. Empty Things.
Track Name: Shut Up, Be Happy
Whenever I speak, I think 'what the fuck is wrong with me?' In my head I hear songs, but my words just make them all sound wrong. And I try to sound bright when I'm only uptight. But it never makes sense; it's just rambling that's weighted with pretense. But you're a disease that keeps my mind at peace and I'll take you down off the shelf whenever I'm feeling sorry for myself. Well, I'd like to think I've changed for the better but, really, I only got worse. And knowing, some say, is a blessing, but me, I'll just call it a curse. Oh, I'll happily call it a curse. People like you are seldom and few, happily on their own. No hand to hold, hearts beating cold, never to stop for someone. Well I'm drunk, and I'm stoned, and I'm stupid, and I'm alone, and you're sick as a dog, while you tumble in the dark. Well, you fuck who you please--and that's everyone but me--but I keep coming back, hoping something comes of that. Oh, I'm trying to keep myself quiet, as you walk up the steps to your door, but your joy is the thing that I covet, and a state that I've been longing for. Well, maybe it's me...and you're not trying to torture me. I guess I have flaws--just as much as anybody does...
Track Name: Open Circuits
Your thoughts race like open circuits, staving slumber, haunting waking hours. Don't think too much on it; calm down. I told you I loved you but that wasn't true. And I might not be perfect, but neither are you. I was only trying to be helpful, but I understand if you want to leave me. If you plan on walking home, don't forget to tie your shoes, first. Tomorrow, at sunrise, we're both leaving town, but your ride is airborne, and mine's underground. I'm so sorry that it happened this way. I guess I'll quit smoking, before I go broke. Why are you laughing? This isn't a joke. I'll stop having nightmares; I'll stop getting high. I'll stop drinking whiskey and hoping I die. I'll start being honest; I'm done playing games. When I meet new people, I'll remember their names. I'll start giving back just as much as I take. I'll try staying focused and staying awake. I won't go to church, but I swear I'll be good. I'll start treating people the way that I should. I'll try being happy, and see if it works.